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Our Services

    • Skills development on emerging technologies in partnership with accredited training providers
    • Expose learners to emerging technologies to become employable or entrepreneurial
    • Create a South African workforce equipped to compete and participate in emerging technologies projects both locally and globally across industries
    • Create a platform for businesses to access workplace-ready skills through IETSA development programs
    • Provide Internationally recognized accreditation and certification on emerging technologies
    • Member access to networking opportunities with global experts on emerging technologies
    • IETSA accreditation through membership and training programs

IETSA Programs


Understanding why Blockchain, and the advantages of DLT (Distributed Ledger Technologies) provides great business opportunities and opens a larger segment of the market. Developing applications using Blockchain protocols and security is critical to every organisation, large or small, in their digital transformation journey and survival. Blockchain standards and protocols need to permeate the business operations ensuring trusted  Blockchain applications that follow a decentralised architecture providing credibility, reliability and scalability

3D Printing

Product development across industries and markets, from manufacturing to professional services have been impacted by 3D printing. Creation of prototypes, models and testing new designs based on chemical compounds and mixes can be rapidly tested. 3D printers’ impact on industries and markets alike, in return impact on standards required for those sectors. Collaboration between industry, 3D printer manufacturers and software developers will drive standards and legal adherence.

Extended Reality (Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality technologies)

The rapid pace of new hardware technologies, software applications and virtualisation, learning the art of collaboration is a new human skill that is a requirement. Immersive technologies for customer experience have become an essential element for organisations. Standards and legal frameworks
are required to navigate in the world of technology and industries. Whether Augmented, Virtual or Mixed reality running on infrastructure in conjunction with Blockchain type applications these applications collaborating and becoming integrated.


Decentralising the internet by tapping infrastructure capacity creates a carbon-negative internet with the ability to deploy current and future technology. Applying Blockchain technology to cloud platforms, providing autonomous and secure infrastructure-as-a-service platform. From infrastructure virtualisation to application virtualisation with a blockchain AI system administrator.

Web 3.0

Is the third generation of online services where AI, Extended Reality (XR) immersive technologies and decentralised blockchain infrastructure create a transparent, ubiquitous, open and socially responsible internet-based experience. This includes wearables, IoT, smart appliances and smart cars. Using technology that creates standards and legal frameworks that enable people to participate at their pace.


  • IETSA Principles
  • IETSA Design Thinking Standards
  • Industry Standards on the Emerging Technologies