The Institute of Emerging Technologies of South Africa (IETSA) is collaborating with Nebulai to promote education on decentralized and autonomous technologies, while working to create employment opportunities for technology professionals within the decentralized marketplace. 

Both parties will work to educate and the next generation workforce in South Africa on Web 3.0 technologies, and expand global access to South African talent in an all-inclusive and non-discriminative way, to help drive the much-needed employment opportunities.

South Africa is facing severe challenges of high unemployment rates (46%), concerning plummeting economy with a growth rate of about 2% per annum, and the brain drain risk of highly skilled persons driven by several push factors. It’s a gloomy reality that needs serious intervention and for this reason, we are pleased to join forces

with Nebulai to empower South Africa’s technology workforce with innovative and disruptive Web 3.0 knowhow and provide new work opportunities for them inside Nebulai’s Decentralized Solutions and Talent Marketplace. Until we realign our efforts in education that matters, we will still be found in the same predicament as a country in terms of the chronic shortage of relevant ICT skills and high rates of unemployment, especially amongst the youth. It is for this reason that we are engaging with Nebulai to create a talent pool of skilled professionals in emerging technologies through IETSA empowering programs to play our role in addressing the current socio-economic issues facing South Africa” said Mpho Machaka, IETSA Founder & CEO.

“Nebulai is technology for good company. Our objective at Nebulai is to create a fair and trusted technology solutions and human talent ecosystem. Our decentralized marketplace will allow technology providers and human talent to sell and monetize their solutions and skills through Smart Contracts. Therefore, our collaboration with IETSA will enable Nebulai to source South African technology talent for regional partners and projects, while empowering and enabling the next generation Web 3.0 workforce”, said Luis Ríos, CEO at Nebulai.